Sunday, May 15, 2011

For real, this time

Blogging is new and somewhat foreign to me, but this is where I'll be posting my work as it happens, as regularly as I can (and in progress too?).

"Jalan-jalan" was a term I found myself using during my study abroad in Bali, Indonesia. The phrase literally translates as "path, path," but it's more colloquially understood as "going," "wandering," or "hanging out." Often foreigners (betrayed by their lack of motorbikes) are given a lot of attention, abeit polite attention, and are asked where they're going or coming from. Generally the phrase "jalan-jalan" could be used to deflect this attention, that and with my ...misleading racial identity I managed to pass as a local often enough. So I figured it was a suitable name for my blog, aimless, but not without intent.

Finals at RISD are now well under way, and junior reviews are a week from tomorrow. These pieces are mostly in progress, so hopefully they'll be ready by wednesday.

This first piece is for a the Mistborn series by Brandon (not Brian, as I made that mistake today...) Sanderson. I've been trying out a digital/oil sketch process that I think is decent, but there are some logistics that make me just a but unsatisfied with the final. Still not entirely comfortable with digital to go all the way with it, but this is something of a compromise. It may have worked better for the Wolverine Netsuke piece I did last week, with concern to style, scale, content, etc. Process was a little more intensive than usual with the National Cathedral (said to inspire one of the buildings in the story) rose window, and several reference shots for the pose that may not have been exactly right. Not sure if they bottom window tangent has been fixed, but I'm not sure what else I can do at this point...



I've also been teaching myself Zbrush with a little help from Ryan Kingslien. His book has an excellent section on facial anatomy for sculptors. Though it is a Zbrush/Maya tutorial, the book itself has some really great tips for any kind of figure sculpture, digital or not. Anyways, I've been working on a full figure to a certain degree of realism. From there, I'll use it as a template from which I can create a multitude of human/humanoid characters. The whole thing was made in Zbrush starting with strategically placed zspheres, then moving up in poly count for higher detail. In addition to the Kingslien book, I found a number of good tutorial videos. I've also modeled the basic structure of the rest of the body (now adding muscles!!), and I'll be finishing that within the week.


green clay

Stay tuned and thanks for reading!